Tyzack router, an exact copy of the Preston 1399 is fast becoming a popular substitute for the much sought after Preston. Even though the Tyzack is a rare beast than the Preston it can be purchased for less than 2/3 of the price. A good example of the Preston fetching £300-£350 where a Tyzack will cost under £200. Having said that the price for them is on the up.

Marking & mortise gauges.mortise guage 001

Assorted marking gauges, 6 by Mathieson

Mathieson saws

Below is my small collection of Mathieson saws:

math saws


This Mathieson boxwood pad saw must be one of my most treasured pieces in my entire collection. The boxwood is golden yellow and the item is so tactile. It always amazes me that even with something as basic as a pad saw that Alex Mathieson still produced items of such high quality, Also seen in the photograph is a rosewood version of the pad saw.


Norris of London Planes

This is my token collection of Norris of London Planes. The only reason I bought these planes was that to be seen as a true collector,  I felt that I should have at least some Norris in my collection.

Norris spiers mathieson ed preston old tools planes

Often described: with having a Norris type adjuster, one of my favourite display planes the GTL, Guaranteed Tools Limited of London who operated in the 1920s and 30s. ( I’m told that as a user plane they are rubbish, they do make a nice display item.)


Record Planes

Over the years I have purchased quite a few Record planes. The quality of these tools was as good as any.  So as a homage to Record, I have made up a small display of the Records in my collection.
record planes
From top left to right: No. 405, No. 4 1/2, No. 4, No. 050, No.0120, No. 060 1/2, No. 0102, No. 043 and No. 071.
The Record 071 still seems to be a very popular plane with both collectors and users. One of these planes in  G++/Fine can command about £100.

Stanley Planes

Everybody has to have a small collection of Stanley’s. I know that as a collector of infill planes, I still recognise the prestige afforded to Stanley. So being a collector of all thing carpentry related, I had to have a small collection of their planes
Left to right: No. 3, No. 4,  2 x No. 4 1/2, 2 x No. 5, 2 x No. 5 1/2, 4 x No. 6, No. 90, 2 x No. 102, No.220, I see a Millar Fall  No. 55 has sneaked in and a No. 75.

Spoke Shaves

Another item that makes a nice display, these can usually be picked up for £2-3.



These also make a good display item and like spokeshaves can be picked up relatively cheaply. Most of the rules I pick up a Rabone but occasionally I get one by another maker.
One thing that I did notice when measuring the 21 1/2″ Mathieson turnscrew with a Stanley No. 63 was it read right to left, where UK rules read left to right. It would appear that it not only does the UK drive on the left we read rules from the left, well as for as a Stanley No. 63 is concerned.
Rules stanley No. 63
ruling class
Here are 2 saw sets with wooden handles, 1 by Alex Mathieson, the other By Timmins that I put up for sale in the online shop. I have 1/2 a dozen tenon saws by Mathieson but I only picked them up because of the maker. If I ever get to building a workshop I might consider learning to use all the various tools that I have in my collection.
A nicely made Granny’s Tooth and Mathieson t/g planes that I recently sold. Living only 28 miles from where Alex Mathieson was based, means that I come across a great many items made by this and probably the best manufacturer.

What now?

After all these years of chasing tools, restoring and displaying them, I now find myself at a crossroads. No-one else in the family has the least bit of interest in the collection. They are to others dust collectors, nothing more. So would I do it all over again? Sure I would.
The thrill of the chase was to me the most rewarding along with the bonding between brothers and the fact that between us we have saved thousands of tools from obscurity.
At this moment my plan is that I will keep my infill planes and try and dispose of the rest. I have recently joined the Antique and Vintage Tools Forum. This gives me access to other Galoots passion for old tools, The fabric of our society was Build be these tools and their users, I hope to have helped preserve a little bit of that history.