Mathieson Gentleman’s Tool Chest

I purchased this Mathieson Gentlemans 1 1/2 Tool Chest from the online store back in 2006 and have just recently acquired the final item to complete the contents list. I’ve seen quite a few tool chests by other makers but this is the only one by Mathieson. A nice centrepiece to any collection!

Mathieson Tool Chest

Contents list: Smoothing Plane, Spokeshave, Hand Saw, Gouge, Chisel, Claw Hammer, Mallet, Two Gimlets, two Brad Awls, Turnscrew, Rule, Saw File, Glue Pot & Brush, Nails & Tacks.

mathieson tool chest 002

Also added to the item list a level and a square.

It seems that in Victorian times late 1800s early 20th century a Gentleman might dabble in a bit of early DIY. I think the price at the time would have been quite prohibitive for the average working man.