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Site Dedication

This website is dedicated to David Black . David came into our lives two years ago. He was a local carpenter who had been recommended to us by neighbours. We had checked out his workmanship, which turned out to be excellent, and we were pleased to get a hold of him.

David was a wiry lad of 52 years of age, a high-tech joiner who had all the latest tools. We had tried to secure his services the previous year but he hadn’t got back to us. When he arrived at our door he said that he was sorry for not getting back sooner but that his work had been curtailed due to a back problem. We had originally just wanted our kitchen replaced but as he was here could he also put in a new toilet. Davie agreed, saying that it would take him about 3 weeks and that he would start the following day.

After the first week, it was obvious to us that he had really big health problems. The truth was that he could only put in a couple of hours in any day. We spoke to him about getting him some help but he said that if we didn’t mind he would just work through it. He was due to go for a scan at the hospital and hopefully, something would be done. The weeks went in and Davie didn’t improve, if anything he got worse but he still came round every day, only doing bits and pieces and chatting with us for the rest of the day.

Then the day came for the results of the hospital test. Davie came round to see us right away, as we now become goods friends. “I’ve got cancer of the throat” he said. My wife and I were devastated. We said to him to leave the work and we would get help or someone else in to do the job. Davie said that he needed to keep going with the job, not for the cash but the purpose that it would see him through.

Davie started his treatment but still came round nearly every day, sometimes he would put in a couple of screws, sometimes not. He sat for hours on end talking. I had recently retired and was happy to listen. Over the next year, Davie came round nearly every day to put in his shift, sometimes he brought help most of the time, just him. Davie’s health was getting worse and the pain increased but still, he came round. We kept saying to him, “please stop” but his reply was always the same, ” I need this to keep going”.

Then one day he came round and said that the treatment he had been getting hadn’t worked. Davie got his nephew to come round with him for a couple of weeks and, between them, they almost finished the job. Just after that Davie went into a steep decline and he died within a couple of weeks.

Our lives were blessed by knowing Davie and it was a privilege to know him.