Wishita natural oilstones

I will be putting 2 natural oil-stones onto e-bay. The first items for quite some time.

Over the Christmas period I put a few Spiers of Ayr planes up for sale. For some reason the price I got for them was around £89. This seemed poultry so I will be keeping the rest of them in my collection, no sense in giving them away.

Norton Abrassive natural stone.
Pike natural stone

Job done

After over a year of inactivity on the tool scene I’ve managed to get around to cleaning up my Spiers 20 1/2″ plane. To say that I am happy with the outcome is an understatement. I now believe I have the finest example of this plane that I have seen on the net. I knew when I purchased it that it was a gem, but the plane exceeded my dreams. Definitely one for the collection.

Spiers 20 1/2 inch plane
Spiers 20 1/2″ plane

Short changed?

After over a year of inactivity on the tool collecting front, I decided to dip my toe in the market to see the prices of planes on e-bay. One of the items I put up was a very nice Spiers with matching blade and cap iron, all parts marked 56. The plane itself was in very nice condition and my hopes were high of a good return. To my surprise the plane went for the sum of £89, half of the price I expected. I must admit that it will be some time before I venture into selling one of my better items.

Spiers 20 1/2″ panel plane

I recently got the chance to purchase this spiers plane. I got an email form a very pleasant chap, asking if I would like to buy his fathers toolkit. The star of the show being this muckle piece of woodworking history. He said he wanted it to go to a good home, and I couldn’t refuse. It will clean up nicely and be pride of place in my collection.

I’ve won a watch.( Auld scots saying)

Stanley 4 1-2 H plane

Half way through the restoration of the Stanley 4 1/2H and you wouldn’t believe how easily the rust came off. It was like a thick plume and came off with a Stanley blade. I wish that I had done a video of it, as it was a joy to behold. I weighed the plane and on average it is a good 6 ozs heavier than the rest of my Stanley 4 1/2s.  The normal Stanley is a good heavy plane in it’s own right and the extra 6 ozs would have given it a much heavier feel.