Bill’s Tool Store, Barrowlands (Glasgow)


A note of interest: I read an article in a national newspaper about Bill’s Tool Store in the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland.

The owner of the shop, which has a fantastic real old feel to it, has been collecting tools for yonks. I believe that he even bought some of the tools from Alex Mathieson closure, which had its main factory only a half mile down the road. Anyway, he has been quietly adding to his collection for the past 40+ years.

The week before the article came out my brother happened to be in Glasgow and called into Bill’s Store. Bill(Val son of Bill) occasionally had an odd older tool for sale. My brother got talking to Bill about his interest in old carpentry tools and, off the cuff, Bill said, “I’ve got a collection too. Would you like to see it?”. My brother (a collector himself) jumped at the chance.

Bill took him into a neighbouring five-story building, which was jam pack with tools. There were at least five Spiers mitre planes, shelves of Infill Planes, unopened boxes – all sorts! Bill said that he hoped to turn the building into a museum and keep the history going. I can only hope he does.

So if you are ever in Glasgow be sure to pop into Bill’s Tool Store. He might let you have a look around!

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