Saracen Head Tool Works Glasgow

When I first became involved in tool collecting, one of the guys I regularly got interesting items from invited me to his storage unit to have a look round. When I arrived and he opened up the unit I could hardly believe my eyes. There in the centre of  room was a 1 1/2 ton Mathieson mortising machine from the Saracen Head Tool Works in nearby Glasgow. He smiled when he saw the expression on my face and said “I think you’ll need a bigger car.” We had a laugh and then I had a look round the rest of the unit. When I was about to leave I noticed a box of tooling sitting beside the machine, I asked what would happen to the machine and he said it would got for scrap. I asked if he would sell me the tooling and he agreed. Although I was unable to save the machine I did manage to save the tooling.Mathieson morticing mahine

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