Sandusky 3 SC (corrugated metal plane)

sandusky 3 c

Sandusky 3SC (corrugated) plane

The plane above is Sandusky 3 SC (corrugated) plane. When I purchased it  I had no idea of the story behind it. It’s a rare beast in this neck of the woods. So when I got it home I, of course, did some research and found that it was the great maker’s effort at making metal planes to compete with Stanley. It is fairly scarce and I was very pleased with my purchase.
The plane itself was in a very nice condition. When I came to strip it down I couldn’t release the lever cap. I put the screw into a vice and began to turn. What my research didn’t tell me was that the screw had a reverse thread. I turned and I turned, then snap, the lever cap was broken. Which shows that every day is a school day. Live and learn!

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