Restoration of a late Norris A5

I purchased this Norris from the online shop. Mostly just as a change of tack. I had just finished restoring two very nice Spiers panel planes and was about to start on a Mathieson Smoother when I noticed a beat up Norris online. Although I see myself a Spiers collector I still have an interest in the other makers.

When I received the plane it had the usual surprises. The adjuster was loose and bent, the lever cap screw was too big to fit into the adjuster and there was a crack to the handle. “Nothing to see here,”


There isn’t much that can’t be put right.

Norris A5 plane late

The plane is now in my workshop and I’ll see how it goes.

restored Norris late A5 carpenters plane

A couple of days in the workshop and you have the above result. Over the coming years, the japanning will get richer and the brightwork will dull, job done.

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