Spiers of Ayr 13 1/2″ panel plane.

Over the holiday period I received an e-mail from Carel Ballack, who stays in South Africa. Carel had purchased a Spiers plane from a second hand dealer for around $18 US, and was kind enough to send me some photo’s of his lucky find. The plane itself is in a nice condition. Although it has some minor damage to the front bun and to the spur with a replacement blade and lever cap screw, the body of the plane is in very nice condition.

To me this is an ideal plane for a restoration project. It would take very little work to get it back to an excellent user plane, with a little extra work it could be a collectors piece.

Anyhow this got me thinking about where else in the world Spiers planes have turned up. If you have any photo’s or stories of these beautiful planes and how they turned up in your neck of the woods please let me know. It all adds to the Stewart Spiers story. How many of today’s tools will be around in a couple of hundred years

(with thanks to Carel)

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