A big Hoo-ha

I happened to go on to my favourite Facebook page Infill  plane collectors and noticed that there was a heated discussion regarding the naming of a plane for sale on the online shop. A member of the forum had added a link to a plane that he had on for sale.

norris carpentry plane

Rare infill plane, bares many similarities with many Norris planes but any markings have long since gone, may have been user made but if it is it’s high quality.

The seller had added the picture of the plane onto the forum and had asked what the members thoughts were regarding it. The seller was told by the most eminent member of the group an Australian guru and fountain of knowledge in all things Infill, that it in no way resembled a Norris. Yet he went ahead and advertised it as the above.

I think that it only goes to show to the lay collector that if it doesn’t say Spiers, Mathieson or Norris then it isn’t.



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