Stanley 75 Look-a-like only twice the size.

stanley 75 lookalike003

Went to Glasgow today on a shopping trip and took the chance to pop into the Barras, a famed part of the city. Although in decline from its past glory the area still has a certain pull. There are still a few stalls remaining selling bric-a-brac to antiques.

I went to the place where I have purchased several nice planes, and saw this interesting tool. It is a Stanley 75 look-alike only twice the size.  I paid over the odds for it only because I have never seen its like, another unusual tool to add to my collection.


I soaked the plane in Evaporust a product that I have recently been trying. I am doing so many planes at present that I thought I might try it out. Although the results have been very good the fact that it cost so much for a hobbyist means that it is prohibitive. The thing is that if it was a reasonable price I would probably use it as a matter of course. Anyway it did the trick(back to vinegar for me)Stanley 75 Look-a-like

Turns out that it was originally silver and red. I’ll have to have a think about what colour to finish it off.

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