Preston 1347F bullnose plane


I saw this advertised on the online shop, Vintage tool, very rare Preston model 1347F bullnose plane, with fence.

Not much argument there, probably is a 1347F, and it does have a depth stop, which is incorrectly described as a fence. We can all get our depth stops and fences mixed up.

So was it incorrectly described, apart from the obvious, well not really it’s just that the two parts didn’t match. The guy didn’t say with a Preston fence, he just said with fence. It was up to the buyer to know they didn’t match.

So what price did it go for, well if it had been match it would probably gone for £150, a good plane with both fence and depth stop goes for £350. This one went for £51.03 which goes to show that most of you know your stuff and have done your homework.

See below for example of matching parts, fortunately the depth stop is marked “PATENT”.

preston 1347F

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