Time to throw your vintage tools in the bin

Tyzack router plane old tool 003

I received my newsletter from the world’s top carpenter. He was making it known that the routers he used and collected(he must be a collector, he has more the one of each) the Preston 1399 and the much rarer Tyzack are no better than the Stanley 71 or Record 071 and don’t compare to the modern day Veritas equivalent. “Shocker”

The Man likes to use these routers and stated so. He didn’t say “here you have to go out and buy one” He is being blamed for single handedly  causing the hype in price of these routers from £30 – to £300. These are rare planes especially the Tyzack and they are fun to use.

The same point can be made for Norris planes with adjusters. Most of the top carpenters that I’ve heard speaking about the adjuster say there is no great benefit from having it. Yet the value of these planes are hyped as well.

If you want to use or collect vintage tools, choose for yourself there are plenty out there. Most of them are fit for purpose. These tools built an “Empire” and started an “Industrial Revolution”

By choosing yourself, you can’t blame anyone else. I bought 10 plough planes 15 years ago and paid three time more for them than they are worth today, my bad. Nobody else to blame but me.


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