Up for a challenge!!

Stanley no. 1Over the last 20 years I’ve concentrated on collecting infill planes and to date have a collection of 55. During my travels I have also bought and restored several hundred planes by other makers,mostly Stanley. I can totally understand why collectors rave about these planes, as I do about infills, to that end I’ve decided to see how long it will take me to collect a (good) Stanley No. 1, No. 4 1/2H and a No. 11.

I’ve seen a few No.1s on the online shop but none that I would consider collectable. This side of the pond Stanley No. 1s are a rare bred and to get one from the states is prohibitive due to the postage and customs duty.

Anyhow it’s good to set goals, it may take years or never, but I’ll give it a go.

I would like to thank Leading Scottish author Alan Addison for his continued sponsorship of this site. To date Alan has written 4 crime  novels which have been critically well received. Alan a former carpenter, has always taken a great interest in all things relating to his previous employment. Thanks mate.


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